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10-11th of October 2018 Annual General Meeting, London UK

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Daniel Hisshion-President STDA

Email Address : danielhisshion@gmail.com



Bulletin June 1991

  • New Arsenic-Triselenide Information. William J. Murphy
  • STDA Appoints New Secretary And Moves Information Center to Europe
  • Selenium. The Micronutrient Bureau

Bulletin September 1991

  • Some Safety Considerations Involving Selenium. J.E. Oldfield
  • Selenium and Tellurium. Noranda (London)

Bulletin April 1992

  • Ebselen: A Selenium Product for Medicine. J.E. Oldfield
  • STDA Publications & Literature Available.
  • Primary Liver Cancer in High Risk Populations with Nutritional Supplementation of Se in China (Preliminary trials report). Yu et al.
  • Methods of Organic Chemistry. Kurt J. Irgolic

Bulletin September 1992

  • The Selenium and Tellurium Markets. Noranda (London)
  • Le Selenium et la Vie (Book review). M. & G. Simonoff
  • Subclinical Selenium Deficiencies in Livestock. J.E. Oldfield
  • Minerals in Animal and Human Nutrition. Lee R. McDowell
  • Organic Tellurium Compounds.
  • STDA Fifth Intl Symposium May 1994, Brussels (Announcement)

Bulletin June 1993

  • Water Leach testing of Pb-Free Free-Machining Cu Alloys Containing Se and Bi. Hayduk et al.
  • Recycling: A Must to the Development of New Technologies. M.P. Caffarey
  • Aquatic Acute Ecotoxicity Test Results on Selenium Powder and Sodium Selenite. M.P. Caffarey
  • Interaction Between Selenium and Adriamycin in Cancer Therapy. Coudray et al.

Bulletin November 1993

  • Selenium & Cancer Prevention. J.E. Oldfield

Bulletin November 1994

  • Controlling Agricultural Uses of Selenium. J.E. Oldfield
  • The Brussels Symposium (Review).
  • Se-Containing Pb-Free Free-Cutting Cu Alloys for Plumbing Fixtures.
  • Fifth Symposium Proceedings (Availability announcement)

Bulletin April 1995

  • Selenium in Maps. J.E. Oldfield (Missing maps available on request)
  • Selenium Compounds Identified in Garlic and Onions (Review)

Bulletin September 1995

  • SeBiLOY… 3 Se-Bi Alloys Formally Designated for Free Machining Brasses. Michael G. King
  • The China Connection. J.E. Oldfield
  • Spotlight on China…

Bulletin March 1996

  • Can Selenium Deficiency Accelerate Viral Evolution? Levander et al.
  • Does Chinese Soil Breed Flu ? Levander-Beck Symposium
  • The Environmental Outlook. Robert D. Putnam
  • Selenium in Food and Health (New book). Conor Reilly

Bulletin June 1996

  • The Case for Organic Selenium. Lyons et al.
  • Removal of Tellurium from U.S. EPA Extremely Hazardous Substances List. Robert D. Putnam
  • Research Opportunity. Gerhard Knothe

Bulletin September 1996

  • Tellurium in Health and Disease. Andrew J. Larner
  • ACGIH to Consider BEI for Selenium. Robert D. Putnam
  • Understanding and Using Toxicological Terminology. Robert D. Putnam

Bulletin February 1997

  • Se as a Cancer-Protective Agent. Gerald F. Combs, Jr.
  • Se and Fertility. D. Vezina

Bulletin June 1997

  • Te in Infra-Red Detector Materials. P. Capper & J.E. Harris
  • Se vs. Cancer. J.E. Oldfield

Special Issue 1997

  • Efficacy of Various Forms of Se for Livestock: A Review. J.E. Oldfield

Bulletin November 1997

  • Recent Developments in the Prevention of Human Cancer with Se. L. Clark
  • Se in Food and Health (Book review). Conor Reilly
  • ICCST-7 Meeting of the Moon with the Earth… 7th Intl Conference on the Chemistry of Se & Te. William R. McWhinnie

Bulletin February 1998

  • The Negative Effect of Excessive Amounts of Naturally Occurring Se. Julian E. Spallholz
  • Selen. G.N. Schrauzer (Book review, German language edition).
  • Second International Workshop for the Prevention of Cancer With Se in Europe & America. L.C. Clark (Copenhagen, January 1998.

Bulletin November 1998

  • Prevention of Cancer with Selenium (PRECiSE) in Europe and America: A Randomized Cancer Prevention Trial. Larry C. Clark Principal Investigator.
  • Review of the Sixth STDA Inernational Symposium.

Special Issue 1998

  • Selenium Supplementation via Fertilizer Amendment. J.E. Oldfield.

Bulletin March 1999

  • Combined Se & Iodine Deficiency in Kashin-Beck Osteoarthropathy. Jean Neve
  • Environmental Chemistry of Selenium (Book review, WT Frankenberger and RA Engberg).
  • Te Reagents in Organic Synthesis. N Petragnani.

Bulletin August 1999

  • The Case For Selenium Fertilization: An Update (and offer for trials support). J.E. Oldfield
  • Red Beer, Selenium Enriched, From China!.
  • Availability of Proceedings of the May 1998 Scottsdale Symposium

Bulletin July 2000

  • Prevention of Prostate Cancer with Selenium: Addressing the Issues. A.J. Lillico et al.
  • A tribute to Dr. Larry C. Clark. In Memoriam
  • Availability of Selenium World Atlas. New book by J.E. Oldfield

Bulletin October 2000

  • Dietary Selenium Intake Among Greenlanders. Jens C. Hansen
  • A Biotechnology in the Feed Industry. Alltech's 16th Annual Symposium

Bulletin May 2001

  • Selenium and the Prevention of Cancer. Julian E. Spallholz
    Part 1 - Evidence for the Carcinostatic Activity of Se Compounds

Bulletin October 2001

  • Selenium and the Prevention of Cancer. Julian E. Spallholz
    Part 1I - Mechanism for the Carcinostatic Activity of Se Compounds

Bulletin April 2002

  • Antioxidative and Growth-Promoting Effect of Selenium on Plants. Helina Hartikainen , Univ. of Helsinki

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