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14-15th of October 2015 Annual General Meeting, London UK

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Daniel Hisshion-President STDA

Email Address : danielhisshion@gmail.com


Originally established in 1938 by North American producers as the Selenium Development Committee, its scope was later expanded to include tellurium. The Selenium-Tellurium Development Association, Inc. was incorporated in 1963 by the major primary Se and Te producers. Present members are from Canada, USA, China, Chile, Australia, Belgium, Japan, Sweden, Russia, Germany, India and the Philippines. The STDA is always pleased to welcome new members from countries worldwide. The objectives of the STDA are:

  • To stimulate interest in selenium and tellurium
  • To promote development and increase usage
  • To sponsor research in connection with production, fabrication or use
  • To develop, collect and disseminate technical and statistical information on selenium and tellurium
  • To encourage safe industrial use and handling practices

The STDA is a non-profit membership corporation registered in the State of New York. Its activities are entirely financed by contributions from its member companies. The organization is headed by a Board of Directors made up of executives of the Members, and is elected annually. Under the policy and direction of the Board of Directors, STDA activities are planned and implemented by the Technical, Market Development and Environmental committees, whose members are appointed by the Directors. The STDA retains expert consultants in the fields of biochemistry, environmental health and safety, public relations, and industrial technology.

The STDA maintains an Information Office located near Brussels (Belgium), from which literature and publications are distributed. Technical inquires to the Information Office are channeled for reply to the appropriate consultant or to member companies.


Areas of major interest may be categorized broadly as including Organic Chemistry, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, Metallurgy, Physics and Electronics, Nutrition and Biochemistry. Current knowledge may be in the stage of:

  • Fundamental research directed toward discovering basic scientific knowledge about Se and Te,
  • Applied research designed to lead to the development of specific new uses and
  • Chemical characterization studies.

STDA does not maintain its own research facilities but retains consultants who are authorities in highly specialized fields of interest. One important area of research supported during the past thirty years has dealt with the biochemical properties of selenium. The significance of this support has become manifest in recent years since the body of information developed has contributed to the current understanding of the important role of selenium in man and the environment.  The Association encourages the sponsorship of symposia which promote information and knowledge dealing with selenium and tellurium. STDA organized its first Symposium in 1964 and more recently held international symposia in Toronto (Canada) in 1980, in Saltsjobaden (Sweden) in 1984, in Banff (Canada) in 1989, in Brussels (Belgium) in 1994, and in Scottsdale (Arizona, USA) in 1998 on the Uses of Selenium and Tellurium. Proceedings of these meetings are available. In addition to the organization of its own symposia, the Association has supported a number of other international meetings for which proceedings have been published. STDA publishes Se and Te monographs and has sponsored the translation into English of books on Selenium and Tellurium from the Russian literature.  A videotape entitled "Friendly Selenium" (9 minutes) provides an overview of the element's many uses.

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